February 24, 2017

This Journey

This whole journey is SO much MORE than just a “health food fad”. I didn’t give up ALL of my favorite foods just so I could brag that I was being “healthy”. No, I am doing this for me! I started this whole thing for ONE thing and ONE thing only and that was to cure my eczema. I succeeded! However, as I dove further into the realm of “health”, I learned how my body REALLY works, what it REALLY needs to thrive, and how I can accomplish REAL health. It intrigued me. Before this whole thing, I would roll my eyes at all the health stuff. Who even cares?! But I discovered the incredible awesomeness in the discipline and possibilities of being happy and healthy.
You see, a gluten free diet cures Celiac and intermittent “dieting” can cure eczema. Heck, I am sure there are some kind of steroids that can cure eczema! But you know what? Eating processed foods, hydrogenated oils, and incredible amounts of added sugar will eventually break me down. Based on my heritage and the nature of autoimmune diseases, I can safely conclude that I WILL develop MORE autoimmune diseases and that I WILL get new and unusual symptoms that cannot be explained. But through diet, I am reversing what my genes are predisposed to do and I am shielding myself from more harm than necessary! I am taking my OWN health into my OWN hands. I will NOT give disease nor sickness a SINGLE CHANCE to run rampant. I will stop it in its tracks NOW and I will give it a MAJOR butt-whooping! I don’t have to RESIGN to what I see around me. How many people you know have developed some sort of sickness? It is scary to look around and see SO many hurting. But we can fix this ourselves! We just have to stop cramming our bodies with artificial ingredients, weird chemicals, scary by-products, and unnecessary medication. WHY ARE WE SETTLING FOR THIS JUNK?! We should be eating foods that don’t have labels. That don’t have mysterious warnings and may-contain’s. When will we stop complaining about what is wrong, and start looking for an answer? OPEN YOUR EYES. The answer is here!  When will we finally get the message, that our bodies were created for more than just grains and sugar and that we are meant to eat wholesome food with ALL KINDS of nutrients and flavors!? When will we learn that being truly healthy is the most valuable gift?

When will we finally start realizing the potential that lies within?

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