October 27, 2016

My Take on Friends

Friends are great! When we first moved here to Mexico, it was awful. I missed my friends so much. I missed having friends that I could be myself around and have fun with. I was fairly outgoing in the States but when we moved, everything was harder. It was hard to adjust to having no one to talk to but your immediate family. It just wasn't easy. I was so shy to use my Spanish that many times, other kids my age thought I didn't speak any. And when I would use it, I would be so nervous that I would mess up which made me embarrassed and more nervous. I am so talkative in English yet I couldn't be more awkward in Spanish-even though I am somewhat fluent.
It always hurt so bad to have people inquire about how many new friends we have and us just sitting there all embarrassed and wanting to cry because we had't made any. And then we would be asked "why not" because, I mean, there IS a WHOLE orphanage with like 100 kids in it where we work! But all the kids gave us was the occasional "hi". Do you have any idea how hard it is to penetrate all those tight groups of friends? So there we stood. We did however, have one friend but after a while, he too, stopped talking to us. It was so hard. From going to a bubbly person to one with no one but my sister. I cried so much, I just wanted someone my age to hang out with (besides my sister!). While we have made a few younger friends, and while we have had a great time with them, there is just something about friend your own age. Someone that you can relate to and talk to about...well, anything. But you know what? I am so glad for all of the struggles and hardships. I had to trust that God would get me through it. I had to rely on him and have faith that He had a plan. And now, He has given us a friend that is our age! One that likes to goof off and have fun! One who isn't concerned at how much Spanish we know or cares that we are American. I want yell- I am so happy! Thank you God for having a perfect plan! I hope that I can respect what He has given us and never forget how I felt and what I went through. I hope that I can be content and always remember who gave us what we have today.

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