February 5, 2018

My Take on Xero Shoes: A Product Review

I recently got a pair of Xero Shoes and they have officially become my new go-to shoes! In the video below, I explain my favorite features, as well as a couple critiques! I hope my video was helpful, and if you are looking for a pair of comfy, good-for-you shoes, look no further!

Here is my affiliate link which means if you enter through the link below and purchase an item, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you! https://xeroshoes.com/go/kaleys_take

IT GETS EVEN BETTER!! They are actually currently holding a contest/raffle thing and will be giving away SIX pairs of their brand new hiking shoe! Check it out for a free chance to win: https://wn.nr/Ykm7VN

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