June 21, 2017

The Paleo Approach Exciting News!

Hey everyone! The Paleo Mom (Dr. Sarah Ballantyne) has just announced a FABULOUS sale on her first book The Paleo Approach! This book is chock full of the science and reasoning behind the AIP. I have read this book several times, cover to cover and the depth and proof of the science behind EVERY dietary change recommended when following the AIP, is laid out beautifully! She helps us understand both how our bodies work, as well as how they react with different compounds found in food! Not only that, she goes through several lifestyle factors and explains how they all can affect autoimmunity in the body! This is a fabulous book for anyone who is curious behind the "whys" of clean eating!

The Paleo Approach is NOT only for people who have an autoimmune disease, and can help ANYONE understand the importance of what we eat and how it affects the body!

At the moment, The Paleo Approach is ON SALE on Amazon for only $14.02 (marked down from $39.95) and the amount of insight and help that it holds is worth every penny. If you have any interest, or know someone who might, hurry over to amazon and order, as the duration of the sale is unknown!

The link:

EEEeeeekkk! So exciting!!

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