March 19, 2017

AIP Lemon Cream Pie

Yesterday I got the baking bug. I had been wanting to make a pie so I decided to go for it! Thank goodness I did! I was originally going to make a strawberry pie, but then I walked into the kitchen and a large bag of gorgeous lemons stared at me from the fruit basket. I gave in to their promise of a sweet and tangy dessert! I could't resist!

March 16, 2017

AIP "Chocolate" Fig Cookies

Recently I discovered my new love for figs! Once upon a time I tried raw figs but to me, they tasted like a dry, slightly fruity cucumber. And who knows, maybe the one I had wasn't quite ripe...either way, I wasn't a fan. Fast forward a bit and I discovered our Costco got a new shipment of dried fruit; figs! They looked SOOO good so we decided to buy some! Oh heart warmed when I tasted the sweet, chewy, and lovely fruit! They were almost like a raisin but WAAAY more delicious! And, I was glad to have them as a replacement as I can no longer have raisins (see why). I couldn't wait to try out some recipes with these new nuggets of goodness!