February 17, 2017

The Seasons

It amazes me how quickly the seasons of life will change. One moment you are just sitting there, wishing for SOMETHING, ANYTHING to happen that is not your usual routine. The next moment you sit in that same spot and blink as you try to fathom all the things that have changed and the perspectives that we have collected. Almost as if to say “has this ALL really just happened?!” We live in an age with indescribable progress in technology and knowledge, yet sometimes I wonder how my life became so boring. We must remember to never allow ourselves to become stagnant. We must never just live, because we have to. We must live with passion, with hope, and with joy.

We must carry out the work of our Lord with excitement and enthusiasm. We are created to be the “ground crew” of the GOD who SAVES. The need for salvation will NEVER cease and we must work tirelessly on what truly matters. The way we act, the way we talk, and the way we approach life has the possibility of inspiring someone else. Let them see Him through us. Let us never tire from the work of God. Let us always be open to whatever his will may be. I only pray that I may be willing and ready when I am called.

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