December 25, 2016

Paleo Granola Bars

I had a MAJOR craving for something I couldn't put my finger on! I didn't know what I wanted but I knew I needed whatever it was! It was a very odd feeling so I decided to see where it took me! And THANK GOODNESS that I did! What I have created here is probably my ALL TIME FAVORITE recipe!! And that is saying quite a bit! It totally satisfied my craving and was so delicious that I may have polished it ALL off in no time at all! It reminded me of a mix between my mom's fabulous granola bars (with marshmallows, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds) and puppy chow! The coconut gave it a soft crunch and the almond butter coating made me want to cry of happiness!

December 7, 2016

AIP Chewy Lemon Cookies

These cookies are like none other! They have a yummy chew, a zing of tart lemon, and the perfect balance of flavors! They are actually pretty quick to whip up, and I have done you a HUGE favor in not making you zest the lemons! My least favorite part of lemon cookies is being up to my elbows in lemon, and accidentally raking my fingers across the grater. But alas, I have created one of my favorite recipes thus far that does NOT require tedious zesting! Yay! And it will fill your kitchen with the warm flavor of lemon and vanilla. Hmmm....