November 19, 2016

My Take on Where I Came From

Today, I remembered where I came from. As I reintroduced a new food, my body reacted. I got a new raw patch of pink skin from involuntary itching during the night and it has opened my eyes. When I was little, both my legs and arms used to be covered in these patches of extremely painful spots. Lately, I haven't really taken the time to appreciate the fact that up to this point on the AIP, I have been Eczema free! I got a small taste of what I used to deal with on a daily basis and it made me so extremely thankful that I have found this new way of living.
I am just so appreciative that I am able to reintroduce things gradually to be able to find what triggers a reaction. To know what exactly will make my Eczema and acne come back, to know what will make me moody and what will give me mouth sores, is power. Yes, I was devastated to know that I couldn't eat sugar (within the hour I react!) and yes, every time I react a little piece of me hopes it was a mistake. However, every time I react, I am getting closer to know myself. I am paying so much attention to my body that I understand when it is trying to tell me something. I know when something makes me feel crummy and that is power. As sad as it is to know I can't eat something, it is truly amazing to KNOW. I am figuring SO much out about myself! And I am only 14! It takes lots of hard work and lots of patience to figure these things out but I KNOW that it is worth it. There is no doubt in MY mind that I am saving myself from a lot of hurt. And who knows? Maybe by figuring out these things I am preventing more diseases from taking over my body. What if I hadn't changed the way I lived? What if I had never found the AIP? I am so glad that these questions are left unanswered!

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