November 19, 2016

My Take on Where I Came From

Today, I remembered where I came from. As I reintroduced a new food, my body reacted. I got a new raw patch of pink skin from involuntary itching during the night and it has opened my eyes. When I was little, both my legs and arms used to be covered in these patches of extremely painful spots. Lately, I haven't really taken the time to appreciate the fact that up to this point on the AIP, I have been Eczema free! I got a small taste of what I used to deal with on a daily basis and it made me so extremely thankful that I have found this new way of living.

November 7, 2016

My Take on Committing to the AIP

For me, deciding that I would commit to this diet for as long as it takes, was the hardest step of the process. I could give up my favorite foods for a set amount of time but could I for an indefinite amount of time? I wouldn’t know when the next time I would have pizza would be. I couldn't have candy after dinner or ANY condiments that have sugar (which is all of them!). There was one night when it dawned on me that I had to decide.