September 27, 2016


We don't realize what we have. I wish I could realize JUST how much I have. We live such cozy comfy lives. I have a house with a family that loves me like crazy and a God that loves me even more. I have a snack when I am hungry and a treat when I am full. I get to sleep in on Saturdays and do school in my living room if I want. I get to experiment with recipes and blog my breakthroughs. I get to burrow in my blankets when it is rainy and turn on the fan when it is hot. I get to take hot showers and put on clean clothes. I have neighbors/friends that are so thoughtful I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I think about them! And to think that my life is supported by a group of people who love Jesus and are proud to be part of his work is just fantastic.
With great provision comes great responsibility-I want to be so faithful with what God gives me that he is pleased that he blessed me so hard! I want to be part of God's "ground-crew". Someone he can trust to do what he calls them to do and know that there won't be a moment of hesitation. I am so far away from being this person but there is no time like the present to get crackin'. I will start TODAY in being faithful and TODAY with trusting him more and more. I will trust the spirit inside me to guide me through this messed up world and trust that God will open a door for me to walk through. There is SO much in store for me, I hope I can be who He called me to be TODAY and NOT TOMORROW. Who is with me?

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