September 28, 2016

AIP Blackberry Pear Pie

What do you do with a bunch of pears and some blackberries that are going bad? Make PIE!! The filling in this pie is SO GOOD! It is fruity and sweet and the pears take on an amazing blackberry flavor and a bright pink hue! The dough reminds me of a gingerbread flavor and complements the filling beautifully! Once again I used plantain flour (My FAVE! Learn how to make it here) and the dough was so workable! It is so exciting to finally find an AIP flour that makes dough that isn't incredibly sticky or crumbly. Yay!

September 27, 2016

How to Make Plantain Flour

Today, I will share with you one of the most important base recipes that I have in my arsenal. The two most important recipes to have memorized (in my opinion) are plantain flour and coconut milk. Without these two things I would be so lost! Today I will show you how to make plantain flour! Supposedly this flour can be substituted 1:1 with wheat flour and is SO much healthier! Based on my experiments, I have found that as long as you don’t mind a slight banana-y flavor, it can sub just fine! The texture is perfect and it works so beautifully!


We don't realize what we have. I wish I could realize JUST how much I have. We live such cozy comfy lives. I have a house with a family that loves me like crazy and a God that loves me even more. I have a snack when I am hungry and a treat when I am full. I get to sleep in on Saturdays and do school in my living room if I want. I get to experiment with recipes and blog my breakthroughs. I get to burrow in my blankets when it is rainy and turn on the fan when it is hot. I get to take hot showers and put on clean clothes. I have neighbors/friends that are so thoughtful I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I think about them! And to think that my life is supported by a group of people who love Jesus and are proud to be part of his work is just fantastic.

September 15, 2016

AIP Mustard

MUSTARD! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I sure can't! I am SUCH a condiment person! My family even calls me "The Condiment Queen"! Ever since going on the AIP I have been hurting for some sauce. Sauce that doesn't need expensive/hard to find ingredients. So I walked into the kitchen on a mission for some mustard. My burger would NOT be bland tonight! You can make this in about 5 minutes too (no waiting for it to chill or to boil) so that is a bonus! However, it does melt. So beware! I love it slathered on some biscuits but just be careful that it doesn't start running down your hand! A tasty problem to have!

September 11, 2016

My Take On Faithfullness

Our job as people of Christ is so big. It is a huge responsibility to be faithful with what we are given, spread the word of Jesus to every corner of the earth, and to love one another more than we love ourselves. Yet, we only have a small amount of time to do it. We have this one life that is extremely short to follow God and to trust him in every single thing that we do. But after that is death. And after death is life. One day we will be resurrected and be brought to the true kingdom of God where Satan does not exist. 

September 9, 2016

AIP Burger Buns

These burger buns are REALLY good! One of my pet peeves is making delicious looking biscuits only to find out that the center is paste-y and goo-y. Even if you bake it longer, it probably won't cook all the way through without burning the bottom. Yup. Not fun. I present to you....the most bread-y and delicious burger bun! These little guys are bread-y ALL the way through with a hint of plantain flavor. This makes them great for slathering honey on but really tasty when topped with a burger! This recipe uses a yellow plantain but also some plantain flour to add some starch to it (which is absolutely necessary!). Even my Dad who is not on the AIP said that the texture was great! SO, are you ready to eat some awesomeness?!