August 25, 2016

My Take On Our Problems

What if our problems were put there for a reason? I am not saying that God is making us miserable but I am saying that he may not be taking our problems away from us for a reason. What if I have health problems for the sole reason of encouraging others to fight through theirs? What if it will help me connect with other people and what if I have health problems so that when I receive my new and perfect body, it will be that much sweeter? What if the health issues that I ask God to take away are the very things that will make me be who God wants me to be?
I will have a way to connect with those who are hurting, have sympathy for those who need someone to talk to, and be able to encourage them in a way that I needed to be encouraged when I was feeling like nothing would ever help. What if the way that I fight for healthiness inspires someone else to try the same? It will all be worth it. We live in a very broken world that needs encouraging, inspiring, and most of all: Jesus. As I take life day by day I hope that I can bring all three things to those who need it. I hope that I can be someone's sunshine when their skies are grey. What if your loneliness is teaching you how to rely on God and be content? What if your struggles will lead you to be stronger and will help you take on the next lows with a confidence and a determination that, they never stand a chance? If He is with us, who can stand against us?

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