August 25, 2016

My Take On Our Problems

What if our problems were put there for a reason? I am not saying that God is making us miserable but I am saying that he may not be taking our problems away from us for a reason. What if I have health problems for the sole reason of encouraging others to fight through theirs? What if it will help me connect with other people and what if I have health problems so that when I receive my new and perfect body, it will be that much sweeter? What if the health issues that I ask God to take away are the very things that will make me be who God wants me to be?

August 1, 2016

My Take on AIP Pear and Ginger Muffins

These muffins are THE BOMB! They are not extremely visually pleasing but let me tell you, they sure please the taste buds! Even my Dad who eats a normal diet wanted another! Pears are in season here and so I wanted to make something with the ones that were sitting on the counter going bad. These muffins had to cook for longer than I expected but the outcome is totally worth it! They are best warm, whether straight from the oven or heated in the microwave!