July 11, 2016


Jesus didn't come down from heaven for the sole purpose to die on a cross. He came down to be a living example of what we should strive for and IN that, he gave his life for us. He was SO obedient that in order to show us what the ultimate sacrifice truly looks like, he was willing to give his life. He was showing us what it means to truly love one another. He was showing us that no power formed against him (death) will prosper. He was giving us a glimpse of his victory yet to come when he rose from the grave. That he has already won.
That death WILL loose its sting and that we will have victory. That one day, we will rise from the ground and claim victory over death and disease. One day, Satan will be defeated and the Kingdom of God will come. We need to lead people to Jesus so that on that day, they can share the same victory. The same joy and hope and faith. We can be a light in the darkness until the day of victory comes!

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