July 5, 2016

Our Struggles

Your struggles today are setting you up for success tomorrow. When we first moved to Mexico, I struggled. I missed having friends, family, and a routine! It was a big adventure and I loved it but I struggled. Mom and Dad would always tell me that once I got through this, I would be that much stronger. There was no way I could have done it without relying on God. In the future I will be able face the unknown and tackle it with smile because I now I know that whatever is thrown my way, WE can get through it.
Even if it is crazy hard! When we rely on him, our relationship grows and we can have total faith in him knowing that he will take care of us. When we give him our complete faith, miraculous things can happen. I know from experience. So even though hardships are tough and trying, when we rely on God, we are strengthening our faith and we can be a better man/woman of God! Our struggles help us see what God is doing in our life and can clear the muddy water. He WILL help you through this and he WILL use your struggles to glorify him! When we are weak, He is strong. What you are going through now may be too much for you to handle. But God can do all things and sometimes we need to choose to give him our burdens and let them go. When we do that, we free ourselves to focus on what is truly important. In the future we can face oncoming hardship head-on knowing that we will be taken care of. 

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