December 5, 2017

My Take on Adversity

After tuning in this past week to Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation church, one phrase was on repeat in my mind.

"The greater the assignment, the greater the adversity, the greater the assistance."

December 4, 2017

Paleo Cloud Bread!

GUYS. You have no idea how much I freaked out when this recipe actually worked! I peeked in the oven and THEY LOOKED SO AMAZING I screamed 😜

September 1, 2017

Coconut Popcorn

There is nothing quite like a nice big bowl of popcorn during a movie, but on the AIP, there is no such pleasure! However, we quickly discovered that cubing and roasting fresh coconut yields a super tasty alternative! And oddly enough, it actually DOES have a popcorn-y taste!!! 

August 14, 2017

Creativity in the Kitchen

Creativity in the kitchen is the one thing that keeps me going. Because what fun would it be if there were no obstacles?! If you hand me a recipe, I will have no desire to create it. But if you simply ask "Kaley, would you make us some pie" then that opens a whole new bubble of creativity! How should I make the crust? What type of filling can I do? Shall I make a jam or a smooth creamy filling? Bonus points if it not only has to be paleo, but AIP and starch free as well!

July 29, 2017

AIP Pesto

Sauces are definitely one of my soft spots! If I could always have one thing on hand, it would be a never ending supply of sauces in my refrigerator! They can liven up some cooked veggies, be spooned onto meat, and can be slathered on crispy plantain chips! There is a never ending need for them, but sadly they are one of the toughest things to make on the AIP. 

As me and my family continue to figure out new intolerance and sensitivities, it makes it nearly impossible to find a suitable sauce. With not being able to use vinegar, nutritional yeast, sweet potato, and fish sauce, there is barely anything left to use to create something yummy to drown our food in.

Until now. *cue dramatic music*

June 27, 2017

EVEN MORE Exciting News!

As some of you know, The Paleo Mom (Dr. Sarah Ballantyne) has recently come out with an incredible collagen veggie blend that combines 11 different fruits and veggies with gut-healing collagen to create a healthy protein powder that stirs into water to create an incredibly healthy smoothie! It is GREAT for a quick meal on the go, or adding to recipes to add some sneaky veggies!

In April, The Paleo Mom announced a recipe contest! Anyone and everyone was allowed to participate and the goal was to create a unique/fun recipe using this new protein powder! 

So, I got to work! After countless failed batches of several different ideas, I perfected THREE recipes to be submitted! I was so excited! As the deadline for submissions came (June 1st), mom helped me with some awesome photos and I wrote up the recipes!

Fast forward to yesterday, and the finalists were chosen! 

As I scrolled through The Paleo Mom's announcement, I realized that I recognized one of the finalist's pictures...It was a picture of MY RECIPE! 

I squealed and did a happy dance!! I could hardly believe it!! 

GUYS, CAN YOU even believe that I am a finalist??!!? I am so happy!! 

Call to action: So, I am asking anyone who sets eyes on this post, to please click the link below and vote for my recipe! The top 4 recipes with the most votes will receive SIX tubs of Dr. Sarah Ballentyne's Collagen Veggie Blend!! This would be a humungous blessing for my family, and would help us stay healthy and strong! 

To vote, just comment your favorite recipe!

For example: "Wow! Kaley's crackers look SO good! I vote #2!"

(Of course not word for word, just make sure to mention recipe #2.... you get the gist 😉 )

June 21, 2017

The Paleo Approach Exciting News!

Hey everyone! The Paleo Mom (Dr. Sarah Ballantyne) has just announced a FABULOUS sale on her first book The Paleo Approach! This book is chock full of the science and reasoning behind the AIP. I have read this book several times, cover to cover and the depth and proof of the science behind EVERY dietary change recommended when following the AIP, is laid out beautifully! She helps us understand both how our bodies work, as well as how they react with different compounds found in food! Not only that, she goes through several lifestyle factors and explains how they all can affect autoimmunity in the body! This is a fabulous book for anyone who is curious behind the "whys" of clean eating!